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Student Program

Aiónios department proudly announces its first student program in 2017, as a parallel service of its web hosting product. 

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A Word of Welcome From The CEO

Hello, all student around the world, my name is Mohamed Ali and from Tunisia. By the age of 20 I started this company in 2016 – YES, I’M 21 YEARS OLD, LOL –  which specialize in online consulting service for business owners to help them get the most of their online presence.  In the main time, I created Aiónios department to sell web service products for the same purpose. You can guys contact me personally via Skype phone or even phone I’m not a busy man and I’m using automated software to manage my business easily and securely so there is not so much to do. I understand how it is difficult to get started only especially for the new user of the internet, that’s why I set up this program in March 2017 in order to reduce that difficulty to ZERO! I will help any person who wants to move forward n this industry or any parallel one online, I can help you get started in working online and get real profits from your talents. Please visit  my personal page to read more about me and my 5 years career online.

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Get Started

Aiónios is an internal department of the bigger company Infinity BHT responsible for all kind of web hosting products and this program is a free service offered by this department and powered by the same company owned by Mohamed Ali -CEO & Founder and the starter of this program.

We understand how it’s difficult and to both search and manage your website, that’s why we offer web hosting as it’s the World’s strangest CMS which will make your experience even easier with, feel free to navigate our other services & products to empower your journey with us.


We will do almost 99% of your job and your task is only to verify and get started with your website. The installation process will not take more than 1 hour if you’re lucky you’ll get your website ready for use in 10 minutes depending on your situation. Your only requirement is to provide or buy a domain for your website. you can check for an available domain from Godaddy the world’s 1# Domain registrar.

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For a standard shared hosting migration please have a full XML or any other format backup ready for download. You do not need to upload it to your new  shared hosting account, however doing so will save some time. The current Aiónios account should have no data in it so that the backup will not overwrite any data (same name, id, files). 

You’ll be asking to select the administrator user that will be set as the owner or the author of the imported data, articles or any other custom post types.

Please feel free to contact us for any suspicion before processing this process.

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