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Aetos Reputation Engine

Invest 5 minutes a day and x3 your profits with an easy peasy solution!

  • Ease Of Use & Scalability
  • Recurring monthly income from every sale.
  • No Skills Required With Zero Configuration
  • Automatic & Conditional Follow up Reminders
  • Email & SMS Invitations
  • 1-Click Customer Redirection To Any Platform
  • Get 4 & 5 Stars Online Reviews

How Does Our Review Tool Work?

Our tool helps you send review's invitations ofr your customer to gather online reviews for your busienss.

1. Send A Request To Your Customer

Send your request inside an email or an SMS

2. Customer Receive SMS Text

The Customer clicks the link & gets redirected

3. Get 4-5 Stars Online Review

The customer places a review for your business

About Aetos

Our review tool is a Multi-Use Solution that helps you power up your online reputation and build a transparent relationship with your customers by collecting their Feedback, Ratings, and even Video Testimonials to ensure that you understand their needs and followup with them as needed.


Immediately redirect the customer to place his online review on Google or any of your online review pages such as Facebook, Yelp...

Conditional Redirection

Collection feedback off your customers and redirect them to your review page only if their rating is high. This way you ensure getting positive reviews.

Feedback & testimonials

Our tool can be used to gather your customers' feedback as text, rating, and even Video Testimonials this will help you understand your customers' needs.

Aetos Reputation Engine Features

Portals & Features That Empowers

Our online tool offer a simple yet a powerful portals that will help you reach your customers everywhere and gather your online review with its powerful features!

Request Portal

This portal is your tool to send requests to your customers via email or SMS

  • Schedule Requests
  • Custom Auto-Responders
  • Confidential Request
  • Auto-Reminders
  • Email & SMS Requests

White-Labeled Tool

Our tool is 100% White-label, it supports custom languages, domain names, settings, and more.

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Multi-Languages
  • Footer Branding
  • Custom Twillio Number
  • Custom Email Sender
  • Shortner Domain Name

Feedback Portal

This is where the customer will rate your business and leave his comments

  • Anonymous Rating
  • Conditional Redirection
  • Rating & Test Feedback
  • Video Testimonial
  • Immediate Notifications

Portals Management

Users can manage everything about their portals in one place. They can also create custom languages & styles.

  • Manage Portals Settings & Features
  • Customize Portal Styles/Themes
  • Manage Reminders & Notifications
  • Customize All Portal Scripts/Language

Dashbaord Portal

Simple yet useful statistics and customers managment

  • Manage Customer
  • SMS & Emails Delivery Statistics
  • Monthly Reports
  • Edit Portal Settings
  • 1-click Resend Request

Users Managament

Admins can manage their user's accounts with ease, set limits & credits, create, edit, and delete accounts.

  • Create, Delete, Edit Users Portal
  • Lock Users Accounts and Portals
  • Set Global Access Limits
  • Set Per Account Limits & Settings

The Magic Behind Our Tool

With Our Tool You'll Always Get 4 or 5-Stars Reviews In less Than 30 Secs

Send Your Customer A Feedback Request

Your only customer Name & Email or Mobile Number to send a feedback request in order to receive an online review for your business!

More Features:

Check If The Customer Rating Is 4 Stars Or Above

Your customer will receive a request with a short link to your Feedback Portal where he will need to rate your service, if his rating is 4 stars or above, our tool will immediately redirect him to your online review platform where he will place his final review.

More Features:

Receive A 4 or 5-stars Online Review Immediatly

If your customer pass the minimal rating our tool will redirect him immediately to your favorite online review platform where he will leave his review for your business.

More Features:

Our Tool Backend Images

Check out our platform's backend

We Believe In Performance

We understand that every second counts! So We build a lighting fast pages


  • What is a review gathering tool?
    It's a simple online software that allows you to send SMS & Email requests to customers to gather their reviews. 
  • Will it work for my type of business?
    This can work for any business with an online presence, review page, or social profile.
  • Do I need a website to use the tool?
    No, this is pre-configured for you.
  • Do I need a physical street address to use the review tool?
    Only if you're promoting a physical business location, expect that you can use the tool the way you want.
  • Does the review tool require a contract or is there a Termination Fee?
    No, when your subscription ends, your portals will be disabled and you lose access to them.
  • Does the review tool work on any PC, Mac, tablet, or Smartphone?
    Yes, this software is across browsers & devices tool.
  • Does the review tool require a lot of my time each week?
    No, It takes less than a minute to send around 2-3 requests, so it depends on your needs.
  • What type of support is available?
    Live chat, with internal support for users and even customers.
  • How does the review tool compare to other reputation software?
    Our tool is much cheaper, zero-configuration, and lighting fast.
  • Do Google, Bing, and other search engines index feedback and testimonials left by my customers?
    Yes, our tool has no control over your customer review, it only sends your customer to the review page.
  • Do I need the customer's email addresses?
    You need either his email or mobile number, or both!
  • Does the review tool syndicate reviews to other sites?
    You can use the tool to gather reviews for any platform thanks to our conditional redirection function.
  • Can I give access to the review tool to other staff or team members?
    Yes, with our Distributor plan you can control the permissions access and control your users.
  • Do I need two accounts if we have multiple locations?
    No, one user account can own multiple locations.
  • Can I Collect Reviews From My Previous Customers?
    Yes, you only need their contact details, whether their emails or mobile numbers.
  • How Can I Send Review Invitations To My Customers?
    Use your "Request Portal" which is the main part of your tool.
  • Can our agency use and resell the review tool to service our clients?
    Yes, at your own pricing and terms.
  • Does the review tool have an API?
    Yes, you can use external apps to send requests by your account
  • What do others say about the review tool?
    The backend can be a bit tech-required for some users.
  • Where will my reviews be displayed?
    Anywhere you send your customers to, the tool doesn't post anything, it's just a middle way.
  • What do Asking for reviews', 'Claimed' and 'Unclaimed' mean?
    That means that the location has been claimed by a business owner, that way he can manage it.
  • I've been asked to update my review or provide more info, why?
    The business owner can interact with your review once they claim to the location.
  • Can businesses reply to reviews?
    Yes, once the location is claimed, the admins can reply to your reviews or report them.
  • How can reviews improve your online shopping experiences?
    Most customers check the online reviews before making any decision or a purchase.
  • How does the subscription plan work?
    You will get a trial period then it's a monthly subscription.
  • What are the policies and procedures regarding customer review content?
    This is up to the review platform and their privacy policy.
  • How Do I Ask For Reviews From My Customers?
    Retrieve their contact details or send them your feedback URL.
  • Can I Stop Negative Reviews Going Live Straight Away?
    Yes, you can choose to filter the negative reviews on your feedback page.
  • Can I Send My Customers More Than One Review Invitation?
    Yes, all the requests will be bind to the same customer if he's duplicated.
  • How Can I Ask Customers For Google Reviews?
    When you feel that your customer is happy with your service, go ahead!
  • How Do I Display Reviews On My Website?
    Our tool does offer this at the moment, but there are tons of online tools that do.
  • Can I Choose When Review Invitations Are Sent Out?
    Yes, you can schedule your request per hour or day.
  • Can I Collect Reviews From My Previous Customers?
    Yes, you only need their contact details, whether their emails or mobile numbers.
  • How Can I Send Review Invitations To My Customers?
    Use your "Request Portal" which is the main part of your tool.

Shocking Facts About Online Reviews

Understand the gravity of having online reviews for your business


75% Of Consumers Don’t Take Action Until They Have Read Online Reviews


88% Of Customers TRUST Online Reviews As PERSONAL Recommendations


64%  Of Consumers Check Online Reviews Before Visiting A Business

Maximize Your Local SEO With Online Reviews

More reviews and better ratings your business gets will help it harness the power of 3rd party online review sites that will improve your website’s visibility and ranking in search engines. Using multiple 3rd party review sites to gather online reviews you can transform your website into an active sales funnel.

Why Online Reviews Are Crucial For Local Businesses?

Online Reviews builds your digital reputation

Local SEO Ranking Boost

An advantage of Google reviews is that they help you get a higher position in search results. Google confirmed that reviews play an important role in local search.

Positive reviews will generate clicks & visits to your site and this high click-through rate, combined with good reviews, will create a trust signals to the google algorithm, so your website will be ranked higher in the results page and will also determine your presence in the Local Pack.

Reviews Are Personal Recommendations

Google reviews help your business build trust and credibility, which are essential factors in the customer decision-making step.

Consumers regularly check online reviews before making any purchase or trying a service.

Google reviews ensure that transparency and social proof are at the top of your online presence. Google is ensure that your potential customers find your business first, so reviews improves your chances of converting a user into a lead.

More Reviews, More Leads

88% of local consumers trust online reviews the same as personal recommendations because customers research and read reviews before making any purchase.

Building up your online reviews is the same as building personal recommendations fr your business and this will help local customers engage with your business upon reading your reviews.

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Our Pricing Plans

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Included In All Plans

These core features are included in all plans.

  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Auto-Responders
  • Auto-Reminders
  • Immediate Notifications
  • Schedule & Confidential Requests
  • GPDR Compliant
  • Email & SMS Requests
  • 1-Click Redirection
  • Conditional Redirection
  • Anonymous Rating & Feedback
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Multi-Languages
  • Zero Configuration
  • 30 Seconds Location Setup
  • User Account Settings
  • Branding Settings
  • Emails Templates
  • Portal Features & Settings
  • Support Multiple Reviews Platforms
  • Footer Branding
  • Branded Emails & Notifications
  • Reseller
  • $49
    per Month
  • 10 Business Locations
  • 1000 Requests /mo /Location
  • Re-selling Rights
  • Shared Domain Name & Links Shortner
  • Shared Twillio Number & Email Sender
  • Shared Platform
  • Distributor
  • $127
    per Month
  • 100 Business Locations
  • Unlimited Requests
  • Re-distribution Rights
  • Custom Domain Name & Links Shortner
  • Custom Twillio Number & EMail Sender
  • %100 White-labeled Platform

More About Our Plans
We build to suits every marketer out there, small or big!

Reseller Plan

This plan is suitable for anyone, it includes the commercial rights to resell the product to any business owner at your prices with your own branding without worrying about backend configurations.

Distributor Plan

This plan offers you a CLOUD-BASED solution to sell unlimited Reseller accounts and unlimited portals to business owners on your own terms. All features are unlocked and you only need Twillio numbers and an email server.

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